About Us

In January 2018, two gentlemen founded a team who shared the similar passion for video games and envisions a future for all Malaysians to take their game up to a whole new level. Our brand name represents the one-stop AVENUE for everything GAMING and to connect the SOCIETY.

Our goal is to provide a platform for the Malaysian gaming community as a place to gather, share and improve everyday gameplay. We aim to encourage the elements of fun and healthy gaming with insights from our local elites. Our definite objective is to also bring you the latest updates on every
gaming updates and affiliation.

We would always like new exciting content and we’ll be happy to write a feature on it – If  you have gaming tournaments, game community events, casual gatherings, concept arts, or even flaunt your cosplay sets, hit us up and email us at info@avenuegamingsociety.com

Game on!